Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Kerry and Teresa: Suicide Pact

by Sherry Eros, MD and Steven Eros

More than any other person, John Kerry is responsible for the false image of Vietnam Veterans as dysfunctional misfits. Kerry betrayed all of us when he returned from Vietnam." - Retired U.S. Navy Seal captain with service in Vietnam, John Bailey

John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry had each warned they'd hit back. Kerry threw down the gauntlet, "Bring it on," and Teresa threatened she'd use her hundreds of millions if they went after husband John for the wrong reasons.

Well, they did; so he did, and she did. They all did. So now it's war, war! It's 1971 all over again. It's war. Except this time he's got her out there, under the radar, and now she's doing the dirty work. She and the Brown Shirts...no, the Brown Book guys. They know where the dirt is. The Brown Book guys, the private investigators for Kerry's campaign, they've got the dirt on all of 'em. --Oh, they'll use it, they'll use it. So Teresa'll go out there and stick the knife in for John. Stick it in and twist it. And the Brown Book guys, whoa!, let loose they'll dig holes so deep, you can drive Teresa's five SUVs into 'em. She's diggin' up trash, doin' the dirty deeds.

And John, he's smelling...eh, smellin' sweet as a rose. Sweet as a bloomin' rose. All the while, she's pluggin' 'em, really pluggin' 'em. Kerry, he sends Teresa out. And she's goin' from town meetin' to town meetin' savagin' the bastards. And the Brown Shirts...eh, Brown Book guys, they're hittin' 'em, scarin' em with the dirt they're diggin' up. And the media, now we got the real bums, Laurence O'Donnell types, the absolute lowest out there, callin' this guy O'Neill, "Liar, liar, liar." Everybody in the media's out there, shillin' for Kerry. Sayin' it's a lie, all made up.

So Kerry got it under control. Totally under control.

Listen to what she's out there doin', this Teresa; they call her, Dr. T. She's a doll.

She goes to all these "Town Hall" meetin's and "Health Care Forums" and it's 1971 all over again. She's poundin' away at the Vietnam vets like it's party time. I mean, bash-em-in-the-head Party Time. I mean, she's out there, doin' Kerry's dirty work, sayin' the same things now he used to say back in 1971. Remember this testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee? Kerry explained,

I would like to talk to you a little bit about what the result is of the
feelings these men carry with them after coming back from Vietnam. The country doesn't know it yet, but it has created a monster, a monster in the form of millions of men who have been taught to deal and to trade in violence, and who are given the chance to die for the biggest nothing in history; men who have returned with a sense of anger and a sense of betrayal which no one has yet grasped…I understand 57 percent of all those entering the VA hospitals talk
about suicide. Some 27 percent have tried, and they try because they come back to this country and they have to face what they did in Vietnam, and then they come back and find the indifference of a country that doesn't really care, that doesn't really care.

See, it's a "suicide pact" between John Kerry and Teresa. They want to brand all the vets and Swiftees as suicidal misfits, vagrants, drug addicts and criminals.

Back then, Kerry and a bunch of other anti-American activist vets, they called themselves "Winter Soldiers," most of 'em impostors that never went to Vietnam or never were combat vets in the first place or never did what they said, or saw what they described. But they were talkin' all this trash about atrocities and babykillers and torturers and murderers--that's what Kerry called the buddies he left behind back in 1971. And then when he came back, he said America was creatin' hordes of em, millions of "monsters" and homeless and drug addicts and murderers, lots of 'em commitin' suicide. Vietnam vets commitin' suicide in droves. Tens of thousands of 'em. And all out on the streets, derelicts and homeless, drug addicts and mentally ill. Here's Kerry's 1971 testimony to that Senate Foreign Relations Committee, speakin' to Sen. Symington,

Senator Symington: There have been many reports of widespread use of drugs by U.S. servicemen in Vietnam. I might add I was in Europe last week and the growth of that problem was confirmed on direct questioning of people in the military. How serious is the problem and to what do you attribute it?

Mr. Kerry: The problem is extremely serious. It is serious in very many different ways. I believe two Congressmen today broke a story. I can't remember their names. There were 35,000 or some men, heroin addicts that were back. The problem exists for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the emptiness. It is the only way to get through it. A lot of guys, 60, 80 percent stay stoned 24 hours a day just to get through the Vietnam- Senator

Symington [INCREDULOUS]: You say 60 to 80 percent?

Mr. Kerry: Sixty to 80 percent is the figure used that try something, let's say, at one point. Of that, I couldn't give you a figure of habitual smokers, let's say, of pot, and I certainly couldn't begin to say how many are hard drug addicts, but I do know that the problem for the returning veteran is acute because we have, let's say, a veteran picks up at $12 habit in Saigon. He comes back to this country and the
moment he steps off an airplane that same habit costs him some $90 to support. With the state of the economy, he can't get a job. He doesn't earn money. He turns criminal or just finds his normal sources and in a sense drops out.

The thing about it is, it's all fabrication. Not a word of it true, not a word. See how Kerry first says 60 to 80 per cent stay stoned 24 hours a day, and then a minute later, as soon as you challenge him, he collapses like a house of cards, and then its reduced to, they might "try something…at one point." That’s just how he got his medals, this masquerader.

He got the whole country believin' that Vietnam vets are all degenerates, criminals, drug-crazed, babykillers, murderers, psychopaths and suicidal. Tens of thousands committed suicide, he and Teresa told everyone. More than 60,000 Vietnam vets committed suicide.

And it's all untrue. Pure falsehood. Kerry's the person who started this stuff, just invented it. It's all been refuted, the claims are baseless, and the studies appeard in medical research journals.

Vietnam vets, they've been followed-up year after year. Published by the CDC. They did a huge study of Vietnam vets. Turns out, in every category, from suicide to homicide, from drugs to thugs, from homeless to jobless, Vietnam vets are no higher, and in most cases their numbers are lower, than everybody else. They've been surveyed, too. And they're livin' lives equal or better. They're happier in their marriages and jobs, more are married and have jobs to be happy about, they achieve greater success and by comparison their crime rates and homelessness rates are lower than the average.

Kerry and now his wife. They did a number on the vets. A real number.

Homeless and suicidal, homeless and suicidal, homeless and suicidal. And now, in the movies and tv, and books and magazines and newspapers, that's all you hear, homeless and suicidal, homeless and suicidal.

That Kerry's somethin', isn't he? Built his whole career on savagin' his fellow vets, fellow soldiers. Can you imagine that? Made a name for himself, testimony before the Senate, denouncin' the guys he just served alongside in Vietnam, and the guys in the North Vietnamese prison camps. Can you imagine that? Just denounced them all as war criminals.

You've gotta see the publications documenting this stuff. Everything Kerry and Teresa say against the Vietnam vets is a vicious slander. Vietnam vets are more normal than the rest of us as a group. Better workers. Better fathers. Healthier. Saner. Live longer. Better in every way. Just read that CDC study, the Burkett book, "Stolen Valor," the online articles by Michael Kelley, a decorated vet.

Now you've got these Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. They appear in 2004 and tell people, It's all calumny, we didn't commit atrocities, war crimes; we weren't babykillers and torturers and murderers. The Swift Boat guys say, 'The guys who threw away their medals, and the Winter Soldiers, they're just impostors, frauds, outright liars.'

And they say, Kerry's a fraud, too. Phony as a three dollar bill. He faked official reports to get his medals, didn't deserve 'em. The Swift Boat vets documented every instance. They show that he wrote the after-action reports himself and used trickery to get those medals, used 'em to get himself an early out after just four months with three fake Purple Hearts, and none of those "wounds" needed more than a band-aid; no blood, just boo-boos. Same with the other medals. Proved it all in O'Neill's book, "Unfit for Command."

So what does Kerry do? Him and Teresa? -- One, they do these Brown Book guys, lots of PIs diggin' up dirt on all these Swift Boat vets. And, two, she goes out there and starts stickin' it to 'em. Stickin' the knife in and twistin' it.

She's out there, this Teresa, and she's puttin' out the same stuff about the suicides and the homeless. -- No, I'm not kiddin'.

Here's how she does it. Goes to a Kerry campaign Health Care Forum, mostly with women worried about health care. She starts with the numbers. Tells these women who don't know any better, and the Kerry media flacks, about the health care she did for her husband. She tells them how there are all these psych patients who need help. And how many are Vietnam vets. And how there are more Vietnam vets who committed suicide than died in the whole war. -- How many died in Vietnam? -- Oh, over 50,000; maybe 58,000. -- Yep. That's right. And she says more Vietnam vets died from suicide than were killed over there, more than all the names on the Vietnam monument on the mall in DC. That's right. And she brings up that other counterfeit story about Vietnam vets, how they're all homeless. In Los Angeles, you know, how there are tens of thousands of them flooding the streets, and on the public dole, vagrants and derelicts and homeless--all Vietnam vets.

And it's a myth, all a myth. Disproven long ago by a giant CDC study. It's right there on the Internet, lot's of published reports and analyses and studies. There's that book, too, by Burkett... "Stolen Valor." Documents how it's all a fraud, invented by an young and opportunistic John Kerry, and then picked-up along the way by a few Jayson Blair-type journalists and unscrupulous psychologists to make their careers on the carcases of dead soldiers. But it's all untrue, complete fiction.

Yet she's out there, and shovelin' more and more of it to the press and the public at these Town Hall meetings. Listen to this. This is Teresa at one of her Health Forums. Listen,

Most people don’t realize this, but in Los Angeles today, or [Los Angeles] County, there are about 49,000 homeless Vietnam veterans; 49,000 homeless Vietnam veterans.

And you know why they’re [homeless]? Their problems were never resolved: the hurt, the psychic damage, of having been in a war that showed us…whatever horrible losses and horrors they saw. The inability of our country to deal with them then; and there they are. And more Vietnam veterans have died by their own hands since they came back, than the 50,000 to 60,000 who died in Vietnam. So
these are some of the things we haven’t known how to, sometimes been positioned to do and sometimes … do something about it.... So we have a responsibility....

Believe me. That's a c-span transcript. -- Sure, it's still there on the c-span website, her talk in Lawrence County, PA at a shelter there.

And this trash talkin’ wasn’t just dreamed-up in her head. It came from Kerry, where else? And she repeated it over and over.

There she is again, on Hardball, the MSNBC show. Listen to this, the transcript from that clown, Chris Matthews, who'll do anything to encourage bad-mouthing of soldiers and vets:

MATTHEWS: Let me ask you about the other thing about him, about Vietnam. I guess the one thing that your campaign and he wants us to know about him is that he served the country. But there's a down side to war. We are reading about people who are coming back from Iraq who are emotionally upset, to say the least. There's flashbacks and things like that. Living with John Kerry, do you live at all that memory of Vietnam with him in any traumatic way?

HEINZ KERRY: Not in a specific way of saying people getting -- get -- flashbacks Agent Orange, or the thousands and thousands of homeless out there who have become alcoholic or drug dependent because of Vietnam. You know, unfinished business, unfinished therapy. I think Los Angeles alone has 49,000 homeless Vietnam veterans, today.

That’s pure invention. There are no 49,000 homeless Vietnam vets in LA. She and Kerry just made-up all this stuff out of whole cloth, to smear all the vets in the minds of Americans, to discredit them all over again now that the Swift Boat vets are exposing Kerry as an impostor and a fraud.

Once the Swift Boat vets exposed Kerry, his numbers started droppin'. Like a rock. So they called-in these Kerry Brown Shirts... eh, Brown Book guys,
and all the while they're diggin'. They started to pick these Swift Boat guys off. Attack pieces on Corsi. Even got Admiral Zumwalt's son. -- Oh, yeah, he was one of the Swift Boat vets who denounced Kerry as a phony and a liar. Turned out, ten, fifteen years ago he had attempted suicide. -- Yeah, believe it? Suicide. So these Brown Book guys, they dug it up, and smeared him. Kerry couldn't answer the charges in O'Neill's book, so they smeared the guy, sent a little message to the New York Times, Media Matters, the New York Daily News, and they ran with it. Oh, yes. And that little message said only, Brown Book. Brown Book. That's it. These guys are A-1 at intimidation, A-1.

Sen. John Kerry called a member of the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth over the weekend to try to reason with him over the group's attacks on his record. But fellow Democrats aren't hesitating to try far more aggressive tactics. A group of Democratic loyalists is compiling incriminating dossiers on the members of the veteran group - and they sent us a preview of what might be in store for Swift Boat activist James Zumwalt, son of illustrious Adm. Elmo Zumwalt - and it isn't pretty.

Zumwalt "attempted to kill himself with an overdose of prescription drugs," after the murder of his ex-wife's fiance, John Kowalczyk,
according to the dossier, which is footnoted to news sources, and was "convicted of reckless driving after chasing Kowalczyk at a high speed on the highway." Zumwalt stepped into the line of fire when he testified with the controversial Swift vets at the National Press Club in Washington last May.

Where they goin' with this? Oh, there's no end to it! Right now, they've got bums out there already savagin' the Iraq War soldiers -- That's right. I lie not. I'm sayin' there are phonies out there every day sowin' the seeds and rippin' into the boys over there in Iraq right now. -- That's right. Talkin' about the soldiers over there now, how there commintin' suicide right and left. -- No, no. Not just Abu Ghraib prison. I mean Kerry talk, Kerry suicide talk. Oh, they're killin' themselves left and right over there. And soon there'll be PTSD all over the place over in Iraq, too. Absolutely. They've learned, so now we have Son-of-Kerry. Sproutin' up all over the place. Remember that Chris Matthews interview, where Teresa talked about all the non-existent homeless vets in LA. Well, Matthews, he’s one of the spineless and malicious media hacks carryin' water for those who slander the Swiftees. Now he's promotin’ this business about all the Iraqi forces that’ll come back crazed and suicidal. Here's what he said to Teresa in that interview,

MATTHEWS: Let me ask you about the other thing about him, about Vietnam. I guess the one thing that your campaign and he wants us to know about him is that he served the country. But there's a down side to war. We are reading about people who are coming back from Iraq who are emotionally upset, to say the least.

That’s right. "Here you go again." Anything these guys can do to trash the military, these guys over there givin’ their lives to protect Chris Matthews, and he’s downin’ ‘em. Can you believe it?. But he’s not the only one. That pair of blockheads, the financial husband and wife team… -- That’s it. The Dolans. Listen to the hatchet job they did on the vets; it’s a long one, but listen:

KEN DOLAN, CNNfn ANCHOR, DOLANS UNSCRIPTED: All right, listen to me. Let's cut to the chase here. Forget all this fancy television intro stuff, OK? I'm a Vietnam veteran. Let's go past that. But the reason I say this - because let's forget about Vietnam; it's 30 years ago, OK? Let's talk right now what's going on in Iraq. Should we be there? Should we - I don't know. I'm not smart enough to know the answer to that. But I am smart enough to know - and I think our
guest agrees, and I don't know. We'll find out from Rieckhoff. I believe, if we're going to be in there, let's do it right and let's support our troops. That's what I say.

DARIA DOLAN: And let us know what's happening to our troops. And the gentleman joining us right now spent 10 months in Iraq. He's
the founder of Operation Truth. He is a U.S. Army reservist in the National Guard, Lieutenant Paul Rieckhoff. Paul, thanks for joining us.

PAUL RIECKHOFF, FOUNDER, OPERATION TRUTH: Thank you for having me here today….

DARIA DOLAN: And let us know what's happening to our troops. And the gentleman joining us right now spent 10 months in Iraq. He's the founder of Operation Truth. He is a U.S. Army reservist in the National Guard, Lieutenant Paul Rieckhoff….

RIECKHOFF: I think our country has solved some of the problems with body armor, with some of the other deficiencies. We've still got a long way to go, and post-traumatic stress disorder, the psychological damage that these guys are coming home with hasn't even begun to be addressed yet.

KEN DOLAN: Well, I'll tell you one thing, Rieckhoff.

DARIA DOLAN: No, that will be several years before that shows….

RIECKHOFF: We need to talk about the war.

DARIA DOLAN: Well, because, if you look at the Vietnam vet era, most of the homeless that are on the streets today, with the mental disorders and everything else, are Vietnam vets.

KEN DOLAN: Two hundred-fifty thousand people. OpTruth.org.

This Rieckhoff’s a prize too, isn’t he. – Oh, there are lot’s of ‘em. Little John Kerrys, all these imitators wanna get into the papers and on tv, make a buck off their dead buddies, and, just maybe, get some little political job out of it. Kerry in 1971 all over again.

There’s another one you’ll just love. A group called "Veterans for Kerry." Not "for America," but for Kerry. Held a meetin', broadcast on c-span, September 12, 2004 and downed our boys and girls in Iraq. One of their stooges, Medina, he’s out there doin’ it all the time. Here’s one of his sessions:

Those who take their own lives because they are unable to come to terms with their experiences in Iraq are not counted. Ivan Medina spoke of how hundreds of American soldiers are committing suicide in Iraq, and when they return to America. Also forgotten are the 7000 plus US soldiers who have been hospitalized or are suffering severe mental problems.

How about this one, a caller to the Larry King Live show where the guest was that comedian, Bill Maher on September 13, 2004, the paranoid conspiracy theorist who told Howard Dean the other day on his show that there was an immense conspiracy throughout the entire health care industry, especially the drug companies, to withhold cures from Americans, to keep them just sick enough with chronic diseases to make them dependent on doctors and hospitals and drugs to keep them alive. Well they got this call from a like-minded joker from Columbus, Ohio:

LARRY KING, HOST: Columbus, Ohio. Hello.

CALLER: …why are the American people so blind to this [Iraq] war turning into Vietnam? 26 of our troops committed suicide. What's that about?

And how about this letter I saved, a Letter to the Editor of a New York newspaper:

As a politically savvy person, I have been listening to and sorting out the vast innuendoes that our illustrious media has been spewing out about the admirable John Kerry. This Swift Boat for Truth campaign has certainly accomplished what it was out to accomplish. They have smeared an admirable and honorable man who is running his heart out to become our next president.

The majority of veterans who returned from Vietnam suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, which is evident in the majority of these hateful group of liars. Kerry, who fought bravely and put his life on the line and volunteered for service twice, is being attacked from a group of men who are definitely associated with our corrupt, inept, lying president. They are Bush's trump card and are closely associated with Karl Rove, Roy Hoffman, Merrie Spaeth and the rest of those
corrupt Texas Republicans who have funded the SBFT campaign.

Four years of this illegitimate administration is quite enough. It's time for a real commander in chief step up to the plate and that man is John F. Kerry. It's time for the media to stop feeding on this garbage and get back to the real issues.

This is what the election is all about. Please remember to cast your vote for John Kerry Nov. 2.

I’m tellin’ ya, they’re crawlin’ out of the woodwork. All these Kerry wannbees. Haters of the American military. Kerry and Teresa got this all ginned-up again, just like 1971.

Teresa knows exactly what she’s doin’. It’s the hatchet job. The Kerry hatchet job. The low blow. The dirty trick. The stunt. Those Swift Boat vets are exposin’ him for the phony he is, and he’s got no answer. So all he can do is smear the vets and get out the Brown Book guys to dig up dirt and defame 'em. -- Oh, Teresa knows exactly what she’s doin’. You can be sure of that. She says it herself. Listen to this, from her Barbara Walters interview on 20/20, May 7, 2004:

"I'm not a loose cannon. I know what I'm saying. And I don't venture into territory I don't know."

She and Kerry know this path. They've travelled it before. Stick it to the vets, the boys still fighting over there, and the ones who've done the job and have come back home. Ridicule 'em and make sure the public treats 'em like dirt, like damaged goods. Do it all over again, smear 'em, say over and over again, they're crazed killers, abusers, torturers, monsters, psychotic, suicidal, killers of women and children over there. That's the only way Kerry can win.



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