Friday, November 19, 2004


by Sherry Eros, MD and Steven Eros

"The Wrong Producer, at the Wrong Time, and the Wrong Place"
In a welcome and long-awaited demonstration of corporate accountability, CBS News announced it has fired the producer responsible for interrupting one of the most watched television series in America. Approaching the climactic final moments, a CBS producer in the news division cut away to cover the "termination" of another drama, this one played-out on the world stage, the long-awaited political "death" and "burial" of one of the world’s most prominent leaders.

The network source explained CBS News deeply apologized for breaking into the television event to which so many viewers have become addicted, and recognized that it outraged many who had expected an uninterrupted viewing of this top-rated production.

"An overly aggressive CBS News producer jumped the gun with a report that should have been offered at a different hour," the network spokesperson explained. "We sincerely regret the error." The Viacom-owned network refused to comment on the dismissal report appearing on the web site of Broadcasting and Cable, a trade publication.

Yes, the preceding is a mock news story. No, the broadcast series is not CSI.
CBS really fired the news producer who interrupted the conclusion of CSI to cover Arafat’s death, but it never fired the producer, or anchor, we are talking about. The leader being "buried" in our story was not Arafat. Those harmed were not viewers of a fictional crime series. The people CBS cut away to, in order to broadcast a "burial," were not the Palestinians. CBS never issued a genuine apology for interrupting this particular event.

The crime story we are talking about, known as RatherGate, consisted of unfounded allegations that George W. Bush failed to honorably fulfill his obligations and follow orders during his Vietnam War-era military service. The counterfeit CBS "60 Minutes" story assembled obviously forged National Guard documents supplied by a highly unstable source together with unfounded accounts from discredited individuals with a self-professed motivation to undermine President Bush’s re-election effort.

In response to "60 Minutes," Dan Bartlett, White House communications director, condemned the story: "55 days before an election," remarked Bartlett, "partisan Democrats are recycling the very same charges we hear every time President Bush runs for reelection. It is dirty politics."

Thus the "production" we’re concerned with was the 2004 presidential campaign in which CBS produced and directed a fraudulent "crime show" consisting of transparently forged documents and obviously faked evidence.

And we’re talking about CBS cutting away from a "long-running series" that has lasted over 200 years, namely, the quadrennial election of a United States president.

Just as CBS cut away at the end of CSI, so at the decisive moment did it interrupt the latest production in the presidential election series to promote a phony story about George W. Bush’s military service.


Coinciding with the Labor Day kick-off of the campaign, CBS’s "60 Minutes" aired a segment on September 8, 2004 that dominated the news during a critically important period when President Bush and his presidential rival Sen. John Kerry should have been debating issues of genuine national interest and import. CBS interrupted to pursue the 2004 elect-Kerry-political-agenda of Dan Rather and Company. Without the comfort of knowing that he had the support needed at every level of CBS corporate leadership, Rather and his producer would never have felt emboldened to hijack a presidential election.

Finally, CBS cut away in order to advance-broadcast the "burial" of the American president, George W. Bush, not the death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

The real affront is CBS’s failure to take responsibility for subverting the electoral process by interposing fabricated evidence of George W. Bush’s purported violation of military orders while in the Air National Guard. This was nothing less than a last minute attempt by CBS to steal a presidential election.


The fact is, we’ve never seen CSI and could not care less whether this or any other CBS show is interrupted or even permanently canceled, although we’re sure lots of its fans care very passionately.

We exercise our right not to watch any shows on CBS, except to the extent necessary to monitor and report on the consistent treason of that and the other Big Three news networks. The three networks are doing everything they can to defeat Republican candidates, undermine morale at home, demoralize American troops fighting in Iraq and give aid and comfort to America’s terrorist enemies—all in order to sabotage the overall war on terror as part of the elite media’s radical anti-American agenda.


CBS News did fire the producer who elected to interrupt the last five minutes of its hit crime drama CSI.

But it was the Wrong Producer, at the Wrong Time, and the Wrong Place.

CBS News thought it was being responsible in immediately firing the producer who interrupted CSI. What we derive from this firing, however, is not an acknowledgement that CBS is responsive to the expressed outrage of the audience for its dramatic series CSI, but rather, by stark contrast, CBS’s utter lack of responsibility to the American electorate for interrupting a series of presidential elections running for over 200 years. It is the American public that CBS slapped in the face. This is the same American public from which the network receives its right to broadcast on the public’s airwaves. By foot-dragging in failing to promptly apologize and take immediate corrective action by firing both Dan Rather, the producers and the executives responsible for one of the greatest frauds in American media history—attempting to "fix" a presidential election—CBS demonstrated its contempt for the American people. Adding insult to injury, CBS and much of the rest of the liberal mainstream media committed an even greater outrage: they tried to justify this attempted subversion of American democracy by claiming that the forged documents and allegations based on purported eyewitness participant accounts were "
fake but true."

Legally, morally, logically and journalistically this claim is as specious as it is arrogant and contemptuous. By exhibiting a fierce recidivistic determination to continue to perpetrate this massive hoax, rather than sincere remorse, the network merits the harshest available punishment.

Just as the al Qaeda terrorists and radical Islamists are said to have hijacked the Muslim religion, and just as Yasser Arafat is considered to have hijacked the Palestinian people, so CBS created a phony crime drama in an attempt to hijack an American election. The network’s purpose was to defeat a Republican president and elect his Democratic Party rival, John Kerry. The CBS hoax merits comparison with the former two hijackings because America, as preeminent superpower and the universally acknowledged leader of the free world, is in the midst of a worldwide war on terrorism the continued prosecution of which was the main subject of contention in the just-transpired presidential election.

The prompt termination of the CBS producer demonstrates how quickly the network can act when an employee’s actions are contrary to CBS’s interests.

By contrast, CBS's inaction in RatherGate, its propagation of the fraudulent "60 Minutes" National Guard story, demonstrates the inverted priorities of the network and the contempt of its leading news executives, producers and anchors for America, its military and its voters. CBS interrupted the national life of the country for weeks at the peak of the presidential election drama in order to pursue its political agenda of attempting to manipulate an election. In perpetrating the greatest election hoax in history, and for its contumacy and temerity in persisting with the "forged but true" approach to the story, CBS itself as a licensed broadcast entity is worthy of nothing less than prompt termination by the FCC.



Blogger GrannyGrump said...

They do show that their priority is fiction, not fact.

9:53 AM  
Blogger Toad734 said...

Wasn't it Fox who hijacked the last 2 elections?

9:55 AM  
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